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SONDERSLAND 2022 Award Nominee

Select Speaking engagments:

Do the WeRQ x FishBowl, Professional Taboos of 2022
SONDERSLAND 2022, Queering Creative for Brands
SXSW 2023, Sex Work to Cornrows: Nothing Unprofessional About It

SXSW 2022, LGBTQ+ Sex Ed for Brands
Sex+ Summit, 2021
Latin American Investment Impact Forum + Planned Parenthood, 2019
The GirlMob, 2019
Nuance Conference 2019
Pleasure Chest 2019
Oppression in the Algorithm: Modern Sex Ed, 2019
Hustle and Flow, 2019
Come As You Are, THINX, 2018

Select Podcasts:

Times of India, 2022
Channel Q, The Morning Beat, 2022
LGBTQuarantine, 2022
Future of Sex, 2020
Why Are People Into That? 2019
Math Magazine, 2019
Millioneiress, 2018

Select Campaigns:

Ask Arielle, THINX (btwn)
Everybody Has a Butt, b-Vibe
Feel My Power, Le Wand
States of Sex Ed, Blume

Select Books:

All The F*cking Mistakes, Gigi Engle
Modern Manhood, Cleo Stiller
How to Read a Protest: The Art of Organizing and Resistance, L.A. Kauffman
Reclaiming Pleasure, Dr. Richmond
Rebel Music, Volume 2: Human Rights, Resistan Sounds, and the Politics of Music Making, Daniel Fischlin
Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement, Nadya Okamato

Sex & Love Advice Column:

Best Sex Ever, Salon 2019


The Unexpected Face of the Sex Work Positivity Movement, The Washington Post
I Listed Sex Work on My LinkedIn. Here’s What Happened Next, Vice
Sex Work Is Just As Valid An Experience As Anything Else, Business Insider
Consent, Vice on HBO

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